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New & used computers and laptops

If you’re looking to buy a new computer, Compu-Tek is the company to call, and our prices are some of the most competitive around. We can provide brand new laptops from £329, and new PCs from just £279. We can help you to get up and running with a home visit if necessary and undertake all kinds of repair work for all your computer problems.

Our range of new and used computers and laptops is continuously changing and updating, so be sure to keep checking what we have in stock when looking for a new piece of technology! Whether you need a new desktop, laptop or tablet, feel free to come into store to discuss your requirements so we can recommend the perfect piece of technology for you, depending on whether you want a laptop for general browsing, for running large pieces of software, or just for gaming, all kinds of purposes require different hardware.

There are different benefits as well as disadvantages to each laptop, as well as making the decision to buy a new laptop or a used one. Price is often a big factor in the decision making process of buying your laptop or desktop, so going for a used one is sometimes the more affordable option, however the quality of new technology tends to work better in terms of performance. However, this all depends on the condition of the laptop, how it was treated by previous owners, and what it will be purposed for by you.

Want to buy a laptop but not sure how to go about setting it up? Leave it to us! We can install any programmes you may require, install applications, transfer any information stored on your current computer so that you don’t lose anything, install anti-virus, protective software, and ensure the laptop is working to the best of its abilities by being updated to its highest standard possible. We are also able to teach you the general maintenance and after care, to set you up with the information you need to make your new laptop work for you!

We have been operating for years, giving us the knowledge and experience in all aspects of computers and technology in order to give you the best advice and services possible.

Feel free to get in touch with Computek today to discuss anything related to buying a new system today, as we are always available to share advice and give customers information in order to make the best decision for them!