In-Home Pc & Laptop Repair Specialist

PC & laptop repair

Here at Computek, we repair all makes and models of laptops, netbooks, and notebooks computers. With over 15 years’ worth of experience and knowledge, our team has fixed countless laptops, notebooks and netbooks for a large number of both one off and repeat customers.

We can fix any hardware or software issue you are having with your laptop.Here is a list of common issues we can resolve, however don’t worry if none of these apply to the issues you are having, just give us a call to discuss if and how we can fix this!

Common Hardware Issues:


  • Broken or Dim Laptop Screen
  • Broken or non-working keyboard (this includes missing keys)
  • Broken motherboard or AC adaptor port on the motherboard
  • Battery won’t charge on the laptop anymore
  • USB ports do not work on your laptop
  • Laptop will not connect to the network or internet using network cable or wireless network
  • Cosmetic issues including broken plastics and broken touchpad buttons
  • Laptop will not turn on
  • Laptop will not boot to Windows
  • Hardware error messages and blue screens
  • Laptop overheating and fan problems
  • Hardware replacement for ANY parts

Common Software Issues:


  • Slow or sluggish inside Windows
  • Malware removal including Viruses, Spyware, and Rootkits
  • Windows Error Messages including Blue Screens
  • Programs are not working properly
  • Laptop will not connect to the internet or network
  • Drivers are not loading correctly
  • Windows isn’t updating like it should
  • Windows password removal
  • Windows reinstallation

Not sure what’s wrong with your laptop? We can perform a full evaluation and diagnosis on your laptop for just £15, which is diminished if you decide to go ahead with fixing the issue.

There is often more than one of these issues that is affecting your computers responsiveness and efficiency, so why not save time and money by having a full update to diminish all issues that your laptop is faced with. This also preserves the laptops lifespan and ensures that your investment into the piece of technology is reaping the best rewards possible by working properly.

We can also fit and replace broken parts within the computer, either by ordering these parts or using the customers own spare parts.

Get in touch with the Computek team today to discuss all computer repair needs. We can have quick consultation over the phone, and discuss how to move forward with the project!